Thursday, June 25, 2009

A personal journey

In the end of 2007 all I knew is that I wanted to work with something that could make people happy.
I had been working as a Public Relations for one year and even though I loved the profession, I still needed to accomplish something else. At a point in time, it just clicked. I needed to be the change I wanted for my own life and there was where everything began.
I was raised in a context where food played an important part. My mom was really good at it and taught us to always be curious about food. One day, I found an old recipe of my grandma's corn cake and I made it myself just for the fun of it. Baking became... the best part of my day!

A new job

My sister had her best friend's wedding to attend and she needed a special gift. Something that would be a part of that day and that she would not forget about.
Weddings in Brazil are big! At least 200 guests each party and details and more details.
A great expectation is always generated about the confectionary table, where speialties are beautifully displayed to wonder the eyes and water the mouth.
" Ok, why don't we give her the confectionary for the wedding?"
" That is great idea!" - I don't think we had ever worked harder... confectionary for 300 people and endless hours of preparation.
We created a personalised selection for the couple, sweets that had something to do with their personality and that would wish them a happy life together.
Our first experience was a success and other brides started to show up!

Changing countries

Pastry and confectionary grew on me. I started taking lessons and I decided I wanted to live by what I loved.
Talking to my sister one night she told that if I wanted to do something, I needed to BE that something first and that at the moment I wasn't! But there was nothing stopping me from becoming what I wanted to become!
I decided I was going to learn from the basics, learn from my mistakes and that I would listen to people who knew more than I did.
I never thought I would end up at Le Cordon Bleu. That was a far away dream. And somehow it happened.
In 2008 I left the confort of my home to move to Australia and learn more about what I love so much. It worked out. I graduated and now it is time to put the skills to use. I am just starting, but I am sure I'll get there!
My sister is getting married this year and I can proudly say that whatever is sweet in her special day is going to be on me! Wish me luck!

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